Pushups help with:

  • Pushing things away from yourself
  • Getting up off the couch
  • Getting out of bed

What it works:

Pectorals, Shoulders, Triceps

How to:

  1. Kneel on the floor and place your hand out in front of you about 1.5 times your shoulder width apart
  2. Come up onto your hands and toes
  3. Your hands and chest should form one line
  4. Lower yourself down until your chest is just above the ground
  5. Push yourself up to the original position
  6. Rinse and repeat


  • Use your knees instead of toes to make this exercise easier
  • You can also use a wall or bar to make the exercise easier
  • Think about pushing your hands through the floor when during the “up” motion
  • For more difficulty try adding a medicine ball, swiss ball or bench

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