Top 5 Buff Nerds

I was browsing the internet for fun and came across some pretty fun facts about certain movie stars. Before someone asks as I’m sure they will, while I don’t know if they have used enhancements like steroids or HGH, all of these guys physiques are definitely attainable without them. The key here is consistency and time.

Lundgren5. Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren (Red Scorpion, Rocky IV, Universal Soldier) at 6’5” and built like a lean mean truck has always cut a menacing figure in movies. The Russian accent definitely adds to the menace too.

Despite having quite an interest in music growing up, Dolph ended up studying and gaining a Master’s Degree in engineering at the University of Sydney, Australia (Aussie Aussie Aussie!). After his Master’s was complete he fell into acting through his Martial Arts and the rest is history.

Smith4. Will Smith

Will Smith cuts the image a more of an intelligent nerd rather than a geeky nerd. He’s a big fan of chess and has been playing since he was seven years old. He says that playing chess can be related back to living life: “Everything you do in your life is a move. You wake up in the morning, you strap on a gun, and you walk out on the street – that’s a move. You’ve made a move and the universe is going to respond with its move.” On a side note, apparently he is a bit of a math whiz too.

Smith is no stranger to working out. He consistently looks big in all his movies, Bad Boys I & II and I Am Legend come to mind off the top of my head.

dicaprio3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is probably most famous for his start role in The Titanic. We won’t hold that against him though. He did do an awesome job as a young Leo in The Basketball Diaries and then more recently in The Departed and Shutter Island. It turns out that since the PSX, DiCaprio has been a major fan of all of the Playstation units.

While DiCaprio cuts an unobtrusive figure in regular clothes, watching his fitness level in his last few movies has been awesome. In Shutter Island he easily muscle ups over a wall without skipping a beat. It appears that someone has been doing his pull-ups, compounds and other bar work.

Stiller2. Ben Stiller

Think about a movie with Ben Stiller in it. Can you think of many where he not wearing a singlet or tight t-shirt? Stiller loves to whip out the guns and is a great role model of a healthy and active lifestyle.

In his private life he is also a massive Star Trek fan. If you remember the movie Tugg Speedman (played by Stiller) is watching on his iPod while in the jungle is actually from a Star Trek episode. Of course this isn’t the only evidence that Stiller is a trekkie, he is very open about it himself.

Diesel1. Vin Diesel

This is perhaps the most awesome treasure I found was that Vin Diesel used to (and perhaps still does) play Dungeons & Dragons. For many years he leveled up and grew attached to his Drow character ‘Melkor’ only to have the 24 year game faded out as the group got older.

Diesel is probably most famous for Pitch Black and the Fast and the Furious movies. At 6”, that frame he has built is not just an illusion of being short. He really is a big guy who must train hard.

Vin Diesel Speaks Out About DnD

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